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General Plumbing
Mariner Mechanical Ltd. Residential Services
Drain Cleaning
Backflow Protection
Dripping faucet or a leak from a drain? We can help!  Toilet running constantly?  Or do you want a new toilet? Give us a call! Need a new garburator before your in-laws visit? No problem! Simply put, if anything related to water or drainage needs attention, we can fix it for you, giving you peace of mind, that it's fixed right. We also install & service water softeners & sump pumps and can replace fixtures..
At Mariner Mechanical Ltd., we offer you with products and services that meet your needs at a reasonable price.  We will provide you with the price before the work is started; that way, there are no surprises.  Our technicians will explain the scope of the work so you know exactly what is being done.  Here are some of the services we provide:

If your tub or kitchen drains are slow, you will want to have the blockage cleared sooner than later.  If your main drain line out of your home is backing up, we have the tools to fix that for you.  If you live in an older neighbourhood with big trees, you may have tree roots in your main line--call us in the spring to help prevent a sewer back up!
If you are thinking of replacing your furnace, give us a call.  We also service all makes of furnaces.  We recommend having your furnace serviced in the summer, to minimize the chances of it quitting on you in the middle of winter.
Our technicians are Certified Testers in Cross Connection Control Devices.  We can also repair or replace your device.  
Did you know that the average lifespan of a hot water tank is 10 years?  If your tank is getting close to that, let us replace it for you!  We install Bradford White Water Heaters; they offer a large range of conventional tank heaters, power vented and electric water heaters.  We also service any make of water heater--so if you see a leak on your tank, or crusty build up on the pipes, we can come take a look for you to give you peace of mind.
Hot Water Tanks
Furnaces & Humdifiers
If you are thinking of adding a gas appliance to your home or garage, give us a call! Our technicians are licensed gasfitters.