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Mariner Mechanical Ltd. Poly-B Replacement
Poly-B: The Solution
The Reactive Solution:
  • Repair the leaks as they occur; this is short-sighted and doesn't get to the root of the problem
  • This "solution" can lead to more problems because of the water damage that ensues
  • More costly as you are typically dealing with emergency circumstances

The Proactive Solution:
  • Whole Home Poly-B Replacement; this involves replacing all of the water lines in your home
  • Less disruptive because it is a planned repair; there is no water damage to deal with
  • More cost effective because it is done in a systematic way, before leaks occur
  • Replace poly-b piping with PEX piping, the industry standard in residential application
  • We work closely with a general contractor who can assist with construction repairs
  • We will give you a price to complete the poly-b replacement in your home up front, so there are no surprises.  
  • Grey plastic waterlines installed in the 80s and 90s in Calgary  
  • This pipe develops pinhole leaks and cracks causing property damage, leading to BIG headaches for homeowners 
  • Poly-b does not discriminate when it leaks; it will leak inside walls, in the ceiling space above your computer or above your family piano
  • The worst case is when the pipe fails when you are not at home; imagine going on vacation and coming home to your main floor hardwood ruined and the basement FULL of water
  • Poly-b piping was the subject of a class action lawsuit, which was settled with the manufacturers in 2004 (see article here)
  • Insurance companies may not insure homes with poly-b or the homeowner may have to pay more for home insurance

Let us give you peace of mind!  Call today to get started on your Whole Home Poly-B Replacement!  

Photo credit: www.alpinspections.com
Poly-B: The Facts